Naturopathy (Nature cure Philosophy)

                                                                    Naturopathy is a separate primary health-care approach that places a strong emphasis on the body's natural ability to cure itself. Naturopathy is a branch of medicine that employs a diverse variety of treatments to promote human wellbeing. The naturopathic basis is built on the benefits of Yoga & Fitness exercise, sunshine, freshwater, stress management, a good diet, Ayurvedic Dosha analysis and other natural elements according to some expert's opinion in India and all around the world.Some of countries like Great  Britain , Canada, Australia and USA  where some Naturopaths in the west who have adopted Ayurveda herbs, western herbs also adopted the principles of yoga exercise and a Natural diet living which is also the modern concept of Vegan where most of people believe there certain influence of yoga and Nature cure teachings .Because no where in the world you can find this concept of Vegetarainism other than India . Because you will find a lot of vegetarian restaurants only in india. Non Vegetarians are more prone to have cancer and other diseases than Vegetarians in research  . Naturopathy constantly emphasizes the significance of one's own health, as well as decreasing the symptoms of sickness, harmonizing the complete human system, and assisting the body's natural healing abilities.

Naturopathy is a comprehensive approach to human wellbeing that also serves as a vehicle for educating people about healthy living. Naturopathy's fundamental principles are vital for maintaining a healthy diet, drinking clean water, exercising, fasting, getting enough sunshine, and managing stress. The following are some of the most notable characteristics of Naturopathy:

Aside from traumatic and environmental events, all illnesses, including their origins and treatments, are grouped together as a group. The buildup of morbid matter in the body is the primary cause of illness, and the removal of morbid matter from the body is the primary cure for all diseases.

Naturopathy holds that the buildup of morbid matter in the body is the fundamental cause of all diseases, with germs serving as a secondary cause of these accumulations. Bacteria and viruses are only able to enter the human body when the body becomes clogged with unhealthy stuff.

According to the Naturopathy approach of treatment, acute ailments are regarded to be the result of the body's own self-healing attempts. Chronic illnesses are the outcome of ineffective therapy and the suppression of the acute condition, both of which contribute to their development.

Naturopathy is based on the premise that nature is the most powerful healer. The human body is endowed with the ability to both defend itself against sickness and recover from it.

The whole human body is addressed throughout the healing process in order to eradicate the sickness.

Naturopathy is useful in the treatment of chronic illnesses and in the healing of acute illnesses in a relatively short period of time.

During Naturopathy therapy, the ailments that have been repressed are brought to the surface and are permanently eradicated.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health that effectively addresses all elements of the human body, including the mental, physical, social, and spiritual.

Naturopathy is a blessing to the human body since it addresses the individual parts as well as the total.

According to Naturopathy, "food is the only medicine" and "no external pharmaceuticals" are employed, and "food is the only medicine."

Praying according to one's spiritual beliefs, according to Naturopathy, is an essential aspect of the healing process.

Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy(CCRYN) was established as a Registered Society on 30th March 1978 with Govt of India under the Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare  also Governing Body  for Funding  of Yoga & Naturopathy  Free Workshops program  in India, situated in New Delhi, Organizing free workshops at Asana Andiappan Yoga Centre,Chennai under the advice of Former Vice President, CCRYN, Late Guruji Dr Asana Andippan, Chennai, the Year 2010-2012 organized and managed by Cheif  Yoga Therapist & Naturopath Vishnu Kumar.

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Naturopathic Nutrition 

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Naturopathic Treatments